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This document will guide you on how to use Titanium and Angular together.

Techical Preview


Titanium and Angular is currently only available as a Technical Preview and is under ongoing development. Expect things to be broken or APIs to change. Titanium Angular is not yet ready for production use!

If you run into problems read the Titanium Angular - FAQ or check out Titanium Angular - Limitations and Workarounds for more details about what features are already implemented and what is to come.


In order to use Titanium and Angular together you need to have the latest Appcelerator CLI and Titanium SDK nightly builds installed. You can do so by running the following commands from your terminal:

Install Appcelerator CLI with Angular support

Open Source

Make sure to also check out the titanium-angular repository on GitHub, which includes the most active state of the Angular support in Titanium.

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