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Titanium SDK 6.0.4.GA - 28 April 2017


About this release

Titanium SDK 6.0.4.GA is a patch release of the SDK, addressing high-priority issues from previous releases.

Fixed issues

  • TIMOB-24165 - Android: Unable remove action bar using custom theme when the window background color is transparent.
  • TIMOB-24265 - Android: Application can't recover from storage permission change
  • TIMOB-24316 - Android: Can't get the right URL if app resume by URL for the second time
  • TIMOB-24451 - Android: ListView Template get varying sectionCount and sections array when it is inside a ScrollableView
  • TIMOB-24497 - Android: Resuming app from intent does not provide EXTRA
  • TIMOB-24527 - Android: Intents using FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_DOCUMENT can cause issues with KrollRuntime
  • TIMOB-24531 - Android: onBackPressed behaviour does not work correctly
  • TIMOB-24555 - Android: Latest Android Tools breaks development with Titanium
  • TIMOB-24625 - Android: Change help text for "--device-id" to use "id" instead of "name"
  • TIMOB-23613 - CLI: Encryption process fails on Windows with spawn ENAMETOOLONG on a large amount of files
  • TIMOB-23313 - iOS app rejected because "Invalid Swift Support - The SwiftSupport folder is missing"
  • TIMOB-23542 - Memory-leaks and warnings across the iOS-project
  • TIMOB-24364 - iOS: HTTP Client leaks memory during upload using kroll-thread, eventually causing a force close
  • TIMOB-24380 - iOS: Cannot package for iOS iTunes Store; PhaseScriptExecution error
  • TIMOB-24580 - iOS: SDK upgrade to 6.0.3.GA broke push notification registration
  • TIMOB-24561 - UniversalWindowsApp: Ti.Network change event crashes the app

API changes

There were no API changes in this release.

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