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Titanium SDK 7.4.0.GA - 17 September 2018

About this release

Titanium SDK 7.4.0.GA is a minor release of the SDK that focuses on supporting iOS 12 and Xcode 10 updates.

As of this release, Titanium SDK 7.3.x will not be supported six months from 7.4.0.GA's release date. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimes documents for details.

New features

iOS platform

  • TIMOB-25708 - iOS: Support iOS 12 and Xcode 10
    • Implemented support Xcode 10 and iOS 12
  • TIMOB-26312 - iOS 12 : Expose new NSUserActivity APIs for Siri Intents
    • Added support NSUserActivity API
    • Sample app

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Fixed issues

  • TIMOB-25226 - Xcode 9/10: Support using new build-system
  • TIMOB-26096 - iOS 12: Simulator does not boot with Xcode 10
  • TIMOB-26097 - Hyperloop: iOS 12 - Using CocoaPods in Hyperloop does not work with Xcode 10
  • TIMOB-26103 - iOS 12: Support grouped notifications
  • TIMOB-26109 - Xcode 10: Cannot build modules with the new (default) build system
  • TIMOB-26110 - Xcode 10: Cannot build application with new (default) build system
  • TIMOB-26351 - iOS CLI (Babel): Cannot read property 'isIfStatement' of null
  • TIMOB-26388 - iOS 12: Support iPhone Xs Max & iPhone XR launch-screen images


  • TIMOB-26089 - iOS 12: Update simulator mappings for Xcode 10
    • Dropped support for versions of Xcode below 9 and added support for Xcode 10
  • TIMOB-26090 - iOS 12: Make iOS development-project compatible with Xcode 10
    • Made minor updates to Xcode template
  • TIMOB-26094 - iOS 12: Add Password Autofill improvements
    • Added new Ti.UI.TextField API
    • Related docs:
    • Sample code

Known issues

  • TIMOB-26320 - Xcode 10: Cannot build native modules in Xcode IDE when using new build-system (default)
    • Xcode cannot find the header-source-paths used before (e.g. #import "TiApp.h") from ~/Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/7.3.0.GA/iphone/include/ anymore. While building the module works fine, but building the library from Xcode to debug the development process, does not work anymore. The radar is rdar://40906817.
    • Workaround: go to File > Project Settings and select the Legacy Build System.

API changes

New APIs

The following APIs are new or have expanded platform support in release 7.4.0.

App.iOS.UserActivity.eligibleForPredictionpropertyA Boolean value that determines whether Siri can suggest the user activity as a shortcut to the user.
App.iOS.UserActivity.deleteSavedUserActivitiesForPersistentIdentifiersmethodDeletes user activities created by your app that have the specified persistent identifiers (supported on iPhone and iPad).
App.iOS.UserActivity.useractivitydeletedeventFired when the user activity get deleted using the App.iOS.UserActivity.deleteAllSavedUserActivities or App.iOS.UserActivity.deleteSavedUserActivitiesForPersistentIdentifiers methods (supported on iPhone and iPad).
App.iOS.UserNotificationCategory.categorySummaryFormatpropertyA format string for the summary description used when the system groups the category's notifications.
App.iOS.UserNotificationCenter.criticalAlertSettingpropertyThe authorization status to play sounds for critical alerts.
App.iOS. UserNotificationCenter.providesAppNotificationSettingspropertyA Boolean value indicating the system displays a button for in-app notification settings.
App.iOS.USER_NOTIFICATION_TYPE_CRITICAL_ALERTpropertyThe ability to play sounds for critical alerts. Use with the UserNotificationSettings.types property.
App.iOS.USER_NOTIFICATION_TYPE_PROVISIONALpropertyThe ability to post non-interrupting notifications provisionally to the Notification Center. Use with the UserNotificationSettings.types property.
App.iOS.USER_NOTIFICATION_TYPE_PROVIDES_APP_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGSpropertyAn option indicating the system should display a button for in-app notification settings. Use with the UserNotificationSettings.types property.
App.iOS.USER_NOTIFICATION_AUTHORIZATION_STATUS_PROVISIONALpropertyThe application is provisionally authorized to post non-interruptive user notifications.
App.iOS.threadIdentifiereventThe unique identifier for the thread or conversation related to this notification request. It will be used to visually group notifications together.
App.iOS.summaryArgumentpropertyThe string the notification adds to the category's summary format string.
App.iOS.summaryArgumentCountpropertyThe number of items the notification adds to the category's summary format string.
UI.TextField.passwordRulespropertySet password rules that should be used for this text field.
UI.AUTOFILL_TYPE_NEW_PASSWORDpropertySpecifies the expectation of a new password.
UI.AUTOFILL_TYPE_ONE_TIME_CODEpropertySpecifies the expectation of a single-factor SMS login code.

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