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Titanium SDK 8.0.2.GA - 18 June 2019

About this release

Titanium SDK 8.0.2 is a patch release of the SDK, addressing high-priority issues from previous releases.

As of this GA release, the previous Titanium SDK patch release is no longer supported. End of support for this version will be 2019-12-18  or until the next patch release. Note: major and minor releases continue to be supported according to their nominal lifetime. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimes documents for details.

Community credits

Fixed issues

  • TIMOB-26777 - Android: Window UI disappears when connecting/disconnecting keyboard
  • TIMOB-26778 - Android: Default "configChanges" settings are lost when overriding root activity in "tiapp.xml"
  • TIMOB-26852 - iOS: Random JSCore crashes in SDK 8+
  • TIMOB-26895 - Android: APK signing will fail when using MD5 keystore and JDK 8 or newer
  • TIMOB-27054 - iOS: Ti.API.log() function no longer works within WebView's HTML JS code as of 8.0.0
  • TIMOB-27056 - iOS: WebView HTML JS code can no longer access "Titanium." API (but "Ti." exists) as of 8.0.0
  • TIMOB-27067 - Android: UI sometimes disappears on Android 9.0 and higher when battery saver turns on/off
  • TIMOB-27075 - Android: Cannot change TabGroup tab icon or title after creation
  • TIMOB-27080 - iOS: Memory leak and deadlock in SDK 8+
  • TIMOB-27084 - Android: "tiapp.xml" is unable to override "AndroidManifest.xml" settings defined in AAR or "timodule.xml"
  • TIMOB-27099 - iOS Debug: Error in console on variable view refresh during debug when using 8.1 Ti SDK
  • TIMOB-27101 - Android: Window open() wrongly does a shared-element fade-in animation by default as of 8.0.1
  • TIMOB-27102 - iOS: "appc run" wrongly edits a Titanium SDK installed file causing studio to beachball and rebuild its workspace
  • TIMOB-27106 - iOS: MusicLibrary compilation error in 8.0.1.GA
  • TIMOB-27112 - iOS: No javascript trace on IOS for requiring an unavailable module
  • TIMOB-27117 - Android: TabGroup bar's background color is wrongly transparent on Android 4.4 as of 8.0.0

API changes

There were no API changes for this release.

SDK modules versions

Android and iOS

ModuleAndroid versioniOS version