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Titanium SDK 6.0.1.GA - 21 December 2016


About this release

Titanium SDK 6.0.1.GA is a patch release of the SDK, addressing high-priority issues from previous releases.

As of this GA release, the previous Titanium SDK patch release is no longer supported. Note: major and minor releases continue to be supported according to their nominal lifetime. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimes documents for details.

Fixed issues

  • TIMOB-23313 - iOS app rejected because "Invalid Swift Support - The SwiftSupport folder is missing"

  • TIMOB-24018 - iOS: Calling Titanium.Media.hasAudioPermissions() is crashing the app

  • TIMOB-24069 - iOS: Unable to build for Apple Watch Series 2 WatchOS 3.1 sim

  • TIMOB-24136 - iOS: Simulator won't install and launch app using Xcode 8.2 / iOS 10.2

  • TIMOB-24140 - iOS: Ti.Media.audioSessionCategory not working with Ti.Media.Sound

  • TIMOB-24142 - iOS: Custom Ti.Facebook entitlements-file overrides CLI-generated entitlements

  • TIMOB-24148 - iOS: CommonJS modules/Library code cannot share names with native classes

  • TIMOB-24152 - iOS: Ti.Media.saveToPhotoGallery crashes on device in SDK 6.0.0.GA

  • TIMOB-24154 - CLI: Lack of iOS adhoc provision warns with bad verbiage

  • TIMOB-24157 - Windows: CLI doesn't run ws-local app

  • TIMOB-24169 - iOS: backgroundTopCap + backgroundLeftCap broken on Ti.UI.Button in 6.0.0.GA (Regression)

  • TIMOB-24204 - Android: require() not working with Android if path has ../ after Titanium SDK 6.0.0+

  • TIMOB-24205 - Ti.Media.CAMERA_AUTHORIZATION_* permissions are `undefined` in some 6.0.0.GA cases

  • TIMOB-24209 - Android: <WebView> with link to video does not play after upgrade to TiSDK 6.0.0 (Regression)

  • TIMOB-24219 - iOS: "--device-family" expects values other than help describes

  • TIMOB-24227 - iOS: New simulator is launched for subsequent builds to same sim

  • TIMOB-24241 - iOS: Building to dist-appstore does not add the application to Xcode.


  • TIMOB-24041 - Include module hooks in packaged zip

    • The "hooks" folder now gets included in the packaged module
  • TIMOB-24229 - iOS: Add deprecation notice when --platform is "ipad"

    • Added a depreciation notice with --platform is set to "ipad"

API changes

There we no changes to the API in this release.