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Demonstrates how to apply themes to widgets. Theme settings override default styles and assets defined within the widget itself.

App Folder Location



To create a widget them, inside your Alloy project's themes/ folder create a new folder named "widgets". With that folder, create a new folder whose name matches the widget ID, such as com.somecompany.widgetname. Within that folder, create assets/ and styles/ folders that contain assets and TSS files, as usual. The contents of these folder override the assets and styles declared by the original widget.

For example, the sample application defines a widget named "starrating" whose and assets and styles are overridden by those found in the app/themes/widgets/assets and app/themes/widgets/assets folders, respectively. The sample also specifies a theme named "plusminus" that is specified as the global style by the application's config.json file. The global styles, theme styles, and widget styles are combined during compilation according to well-defined style priorities (see Style Priorities).

App folder structure


Platform-specific assets and style selectors in the widget override non-platform-specific assets and styles in your theme. See Style priorities for details.

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