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Demonstrates basic use of TableView control.

Example App Source Location


You can find this example app in the Alloy repository under samples/apps/ui/tableview. Check the instructions how to run these sample projects.

A TableView is used to present vertically scrolling rows of information, optionally organized into sections. A TableView can include a SearchBar to let users search the table contents.

The main index.xml view displays two TableView controls in separate tabs. The second tab uses sections to organize table rows.

To create a table, you add a <TableView/> element that contains one or more <TableViewRow> elements, and optionally <HeaderView/> and <FooterView/> elements. Use <TableViewSection/> elements to organize rows into sections. To include a search bar in the table, include a <SearchBar/> element; to specify the field to search on, add a filterAttribute attribute to the <TableView/> element, as shown below.


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