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The Studio Start screen (known as the Studio Dashboard in earlier versions of Studio) provides a very user-friendly interface for configuring the toolchain environment, creating projects and accessing the online learning material, marketplace and other resources.

Showing the Start Page

The dashboard will be displayed the first time you start Studio on a given day. To access it afterwards, click on the toolbar button with the Appcelerator logo .

The text field at the top of the dashboard provides an Appcelerator-wide search facility. Type your query in the Search box to find the term across long-form documentation and the API documentation simultaneously.

Configure Tab

If the third-party environment has not yet been configured, the Configure tab will be focused automatically. This provides prompts to help ensure that the installation and setup process for Titanium is successful. For full instructions, see the Setting up Studio guide.

Learn Tab

The Learn tab summarizes the multitude of reference and educational material available for free within Studio and online. This includes API documentation, videos, guides, tutorials, as well as links to the Q&A Community forum, blog and Appcelerator's twitter feed.

Develop Tab

The Develop tab gives a speedy way to import one of the growing number of sample apps or to create a new project based on a best-practice template.

Explore Tab

Appcelerator's Open Mobile Marketplace is a website where developers buy and sell Web Services, Modules, Templates and Design Elements. You can browse it without leaving Studio using the Explore tab.

If you need some functionality that is not already provided in the core framework, shortcut your development time by checking here first. Some components are even offered free of charge.

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