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Studio 5.1.2.RC - 20 February 2019

Studio 5.1.2.RC is a patch release that includes several bug fixes.

Fixed issues

  • TISTUD-8846 - Error Reporting: NumberFormatException from Preference > Studio > API Builder
  • TISTUD-9031 - Studio installs outdated hyperloop plugin
  • TISTUD-9090 - Appc studio encounters java.lang.NullPointerException in
  • TISTUD-9111 - Studio crash report: History service is not (yet) available
  • TISTUD-9116 - CollapseAll icon is missing in the General -> Keys preferences in the studio
  • TISTUD-9117 - Fixing major error reporting issues on 5.1.0
  • TISTUD-9118 - Failed to add Alloy project templates when there is a new Appc CLI core update
  • TISTUD-9125 - Error reporting: Deleting a closed project thrown an exception
  • TISTUD-9126 - Studio 5.1.1.GA does not show the right release notes for SDK 7.4.0.GA

Known issues

  • TISTUD-9110 - Using Debugger breakpoint is not working on studio 5.1.0 (alloy and classic)
  • TISTUD-9159 - iOS Debug: Not able to debug on iOS Simulator version 11.3