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Studio 4.1.0 - 08 July 2015

Studio 4.1.0 is a feature release of Studio, introducing a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes. See the full list of issues addressed in Release 4.1.0.

As of this release, Studio 4.0.x will not be supported six months from 4.1.0.GA's release date. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimes documents for details.

New Features

  • Support for Windows Phone and Store development.
  • Import a Studio or Eclipse project by dragging the folder and dropping it to the Project Explorer view.  Currently, projects created with the CLI cannot be imported using the drag-and-drop method (TISTUD-7233).
  • Update content assist for Alloy projects to suggest <WindowsToolbar/> as a child of a <Window/> element.
  • Add ability to create Controllers, Styles and Views for Alloy Widgets.  Right-click on the widget folder (not the ./app/widgets/ folder but its subfolders) and select New, and choose either Widget ControllerWidget Style or Widget View.

Known Issues

  • On Windows, node processes linger around consuming memory, which causes performance degradation (TISTUD-7632).