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Stepping into a function or stepping over a function can help you see exactly what is going on within your JavaScript code. To step into or step over a JavaScript function you will need to suspend the current thread, first, before proceeding.


To step into or step over a JavaScript function:

  1. Start the debugger and switch to the Debug perspective. (See Running the debugger if you need help.)
  2. Suspend the current JavaScript thread.
    1. In the Debug View, select the thread that you want to suspend.
    2. Click the Suspend button to suspend the JavaScript code on the first executed line. While the thread is suspended, your web browser user interface will be completely disabled.
  3. Step into, step over, or return from your function:
    • Click the Step Into button to step into a function.
    • Click the Step Over button to step over a function.
    • Click the Step Return button to return from a function.

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