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Code Completion

Requesting Code Completion

Code completion provides context-sensitive completions and is enabled with Ctrl+Space. (Note that eclipse has simple emacs-style text-completion with Alt+/).

It's important to note that your interpreter must be properly configured for the code-completion to work, and for getting the builtins, PyDev spawns a shell, so, having a firewall can prevent the code-completion from working if it's blocking the communication from eclipse to that shell.


If you want to configure something, you have to go to window > preferences > PyDev > Editor > Code Completion.


Completing on a variable on the class (also works for locals) that are defined in the same scope we are.

Getting the builtins.

Completing on a class (note that we get the hierarchy even from builtins).

Completing for making an import (goes for PYTHONPATH)

Completing on an import

Completing for global tokens (handles wild-imports, local imports, local variables, etc.)

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