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The Appcelerator Platform Services (APS) SDK for iOS and Android provides support for Appcelerator Analytics, Cloud, Performance and Test services for your Android applications built with the native Android APIs and Java and for iOS applications built with the native iOS APIs and Objective-C or Swift.

To use Appcelerator Platform Services in your Android and iOS applications, you need to first register an application in Appcelerator Dashboard. This defines the name, platform, and other metadata about the application. Once you've registered the application in Dashboard, you can download the libraries and frameworks to integrate Appcelerator Platform Services into your application. Appcelerator Dashboard also generates a new Mobile Backend Services datasource and the application keys required to enable the services in your app.

Register an Application in Dashboard

 To register an Android Java, or iOS Objective-C or Swift application in Dashboard:

  1. Log in to Dashboard.
  2. Click the Add menu (+) and select Register App for Services to open the Register App for Services form.

  3. In the Register App for Services form, enter the Name of the application, and select a Platform and Category. Optionally, you can provide a description of your application. To add application team members from the organization, click the add (+) button in the App Team list at the right.
  4. Click OK.

Appcelerator Dashboard displays the Services tab for your application. Follow the directions to add Platform Services to your application.

Enable Platform Services

After you have created your client application, Dashboard directs you to the Services tab for the application. The Services tab displays the current status of the Cloud, Performance, and Analytics services. When the client application is first created, the Cloud, Performance, and Analytics services are automatically enabled. Follow the directions in the tab to add Platform Services to your application.

The Services tab also provides the functionality for you to generate a new security key. To generate a new security key:

  1. Use the Environment drop-down list to select the environment you want to generate the new key for.
  2. Click Generate a New Key.
  3. Verify that you want to generate a new key for the selected environment. Click Continue to generate the new key. Click Cancel to return to the Services tab without generating a new key.

To integrate the Cloud, Performance, and Analytics services with your application:

  1. Click the Download button to download the APS SDK, unpack it, and then add the library to your project.
  2. Copy the code snippets to your application as instructed to enable the services. Before copying and pasting the code snippet to enable or initialize services, use the Environment drop-down list to select the environment you want to deploy your application to.

For more detailed instructions, see the Quick Start Guide for Android APS SDK and Quick Start Guide for iOS APS SDK guides.

If you need to later return to these Enable Platform Services instructions, do the following:

  1. Select the Projects view and select the application. Appcelerator Dashboard displays the Overview tab of the application.
  2. Select the Services tab.
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