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Compatibility and Download

SCons (Software Construction tool) is a build tool, similar to the classic make utility. It is used to build the Titanium SDK.

Installing scons is required if you want to build the Titanium SDK from source. It is not required for building, running, or distributing applications using the Titanium SDK.


Python is a prerequisite for SCons, and should be installed first. See Installing Python for instructions.

Obtain the SCons version listed below for your Operating System:

Operating System

Package Version

Download Location


Latest Stable

Official Website


Latest Stable

Official Website


Latest Stable

Default Repositories



Note that the typical filesystem location of this software can be found in the Windows Software Locations section of these guides.

  • log in under your usual user account, and right-click the SCons Windows Installer and select Run as administrator. Enter your Administrator password, if you are prompted for it, and proceed until the first screenshot below
  • verify that Python has been automatically detected on your system, as below. If none is found, you may have installed the 64bit rather than 32bit version
  • verify that the scons script has been placed in the directory shown in the Windows Software Locations above, within the Python directory, and then proceed
  • click Next and continue until complete

Refer to the Windows Software Locations section and add the SCons location to the system's PATH.

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