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Hyperloop 2.2.1 - 26 October 2017

Hyperloop 2.2.1 is a patch release that includes four bug fixes.

Fixed issues

  • iOS

    • TIMOB-25426 - Hyperloop: iOS - Metabase binary has wrong file-permissions, causing build to fail
      • Fixed a build-crash caused by wrong file-permissions on some systems
    • TIMOB-25436 - Hyperloop: iOS - framework-parser should skip "Headers/" in framework if not exists
      • Fixed a use-case where the build would crash if a framework does not include public headers
    • TIMOB-25432 - Hyperloop: iOS - Cannot find class with name: SFSpeechRecognizer when placed in app/lib
      • Fixed a possible issue caused by referencing system-frameworks that are not linked correctly


    • TIMOB-25428 - Hyperloop: Android - Block scope declaration errors with node4
      • Fixed a crash that occurred when running Hyperloop Android on Node 4. Note: This is the last Hyperloop release to support Node 4. Please update the Node LTS for future releases.