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An organization administrator completes all tasks related to configuring and managing identity providers and associated domains from the Organization's Settings - Identity Provider tab in the AMPLIFY Platform.


You must have an OpenID Connect (OIDC) or SAML v2.0 compatible Identity Provider and DNS access to the domain the IdP is for.

Before configuring a new Identity Provider, you must ensure:

  • At least one user whose email address is on the domain for which the Identity Provider is being configured has been invited to or is an existing member of the organization.
  • You have the necessary permissions to access and edit your Identity Provider to complete this configuration.

Accessing the Identity Provider (IdP) page

  1. Sign in to the AMPLIFY Platform.
  2. Click on the Profile menu and select Organization.
  3. Click the Settings tab from the left navigation.
  4. Click the Identity Provider tab. When you access the Identity Provider page in the Dashboard for the first time, you will see a message that the organization is currently using the AMPLIFY Platform for authentication. 
  5. If you are a member of multiple organizations, select the organization from the Organization dropdown menu.

Next steps

The following tasks must be completed, in any order, before an Identity Provider can be tested and enabled for an organization:

After domain ownership is verified and you have configured an identity provider you must confirm the association of an IdP to the domain, and then you can enable IdP configuration for all domain users and optionally add a subdomain. The following is an example of the Identity Providers page once all steps are completed with configuring multiple  Identity Providers for an organization.

After a domain and identity provider has been added and configured, you can complete the following tasks:

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