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The examples on this page use the Prototype library, which is included by default inside a portal. However, the same concepts may be applied using other implementations.


Eclipse has a Command Handling system that is invoked through an internal Command Service. Those commands are contributed via Eclipse extensions and can be called using the portal.

To invoke a specific command, a command ID, and optional command arguments, need to be provided to the Portal's dispatch call. These IDs are, in some cases, hidden deep inside Eclipse, so an Eclipse knowledge is needed to find out what they are. We list at the bottom of this page a few common ID's and their usage with the dispatch.


This command is executed immediately in a synchronous way.

A generic Eclipse command-handler invocation

Executing an Eclipse command that does not require any arguments:

An Eclipse command that accepts arguments


Open Studio's "New Web Project Wizard"

Open Titanium Studio "New Mobile App Project Wizard"

Open Titanium Studio "New Desktop Project Wizard"