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Dashboard 8.3.0 - 3 December 2020

Dashboard 8.3.0 is a minor release which includes several improvements and bug fixes.


  • Updated the Identity Provider Configuration setup to use a DNS entry for domain ownership verification.
  • Added the capability to automatically add all users with email addresses on a verified domain to an organization.
  • Provided one-click downloads for the SAML descriptor and signing certificate files on the Identity Provider Configuration view.
  • Added the ability for organization administrators to perform manual usage entry for Customer Managed environments.
  • Improved the month/year and subscription selectors on the organization Usage view.
  • Improved the redirect handling on signup and when signing in from AMPLIFY services other than Platform.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where product Category names on the Organization overview's Subscriptions table may not be displayed properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Mobile Backend Services Push Notification form may not allow sending a one-time push notification.
  • Removed support for SVG images for branding logos.
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