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Dashboard 8.2.2 - 15 October 2020

Dashboard 8.2.2 is a patch release, which includes a new feature and several bug fixes.


With this release, support for Internet Explorer 11 has been officially sunset.

New features

  • Added two settings to the user Account Settings view. The "Inactivity Logout" setting lets users select how long to allow browser sessions to be inactive before signing the user out. This default setting is 30 minutes. This behavior may also be disabled. The "Restore Page on next Login" setting lets users choose whether to be redirected to the page previously viewed once signed back in after being signed out due to inactivity. This setting is disabled by default (do not restore previous page on next login).

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where Runtime Services app names may not appear in chart and table data saved on analytics views. Additionally, fixed an issue where some columns for Mobile Backend Services datasources may be empty in saved table data.
  • Fixed an issue where starting a free trial from the Explore More Products & Services view may not redirect users to the Platform Home view showing the newly available capabilities.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking AMPLIFY Platform in the page header while on the Signup view may cause an error.
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