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Dashboard 7.2.0 - 26 November 2019

Dashboard 7.2.0 is a minor release, which includes an improvement and a bug fix.

As of the 7.2.0 release, the Appcelerator Performance Management (APM) module and integration with Apteligent Crittercism are now discontinued.

Applications previously using the APM module may transition to use the AMPLIFY Crash Analytics (ACA) module available from For more details, please refer to the AMPLIFY Crash Analytics documentation.

Attempts to build applications with the com.appcelerator.apm module will receive an error message regarding its discontinuation.


  • Updated role select list on organization Members and Teams views to indicate the services to which roles are associated.

Fixed issue

  • Resolved issue where counts on Unique Devices analytics views may have been incorrectly calculated.
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