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Dashboard 7.1.0 - 24 October 2019

Dashboard 7.1.0 is a minor release, which includes two new features and several bug fixes.

New features

  • Added a facility to search AMPLIFY Crash Analytics events by usernames set in-app metadata.
  • Added a Settings view to set user preferences for layout, theme, default org rule, and analytics demo mode.

Fixed issues

  • Resolved an issue displaying Mobile Backend Services request logs for datasources in Virtual Private Cloud environments.
  • Resolved an issue where storage values on the Mobile Backend Services Overview view and the organization's Usage view may inconsistent.
  • Resolved an issue where authenticating using tooling (such as Appcelerator CLI) may invalidate prior sessions for the same user.
  • Resolved an issue on the Add New Team, Edit Team, or Add New Member views where adding a member to a team while changing another member's role or the member's role in another team may cause the role list to disappear.
  • Resolved an issue where application builds may fail due to an error verifying APM or ACA module entitlements.
  • Resolved an issue where org-level Analytics table views may link to the Mobile Backend Services datasource associated with an app rather than to the app.
  • Resolved an issue where phone number verifications on the Account view may fail if the phone number provided did not follow the E.164 formatting standard.
  • Resolved an issue where navigating away from the APS SDK app Services view while generating keys may have shown an error.
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