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Dashboard 6.2.0 - 17 May 2019

Dashboard 6.2.0 is a minor release, which includes new features, improvements, behavior changes, and bug fixes.

New features   

  • Revised the AMPLIFY Platform home page. Service Offerings and Products displays available offerings, indicates any active trial or subscription status, and links to views displaying each offerings' capabilities.  My Capabilities displays capabilities for your organization's active trials and subscriptions. Users in organizations with active subscriptions will be shown the My Capabilities view after logging in.
  • Added links to Developer Portal , Community Portal, and Support Portal to AMPLIFY Platform home page.


  • Improved display and accuracy of Location analytics data, e.g., Installs by Location.
  • Added support for request method, status code, and response time in AMPLIFY Runtime Services analytics views.
  • Added a widget to the Overview tab to display the AMPLIFY Crash Analytics event counts.
  • Added Platform Version as an available field for Custom Queries.
  • Updated the links and product names in the common header nav bar.
  • Updated the links on the common footer nav bar.

Behavior Changes  

  • Signing up for AMPLIFY Platform now starts beta trials in Choreography and Mesh Governance.  Signing up no longer starts an Application Development trial. New users may request their 60-day trial of AMPLIFY Application Development offering by clicking "Start Free Trial" on the home page.
  • Removed support for Microsoft Edge versions 13 and 14.
  • Deprecated support for GitHub OAuth for the domain.  The feature is now only supported on
  • Analytics events for an organization whose subscriptions have expired more than 30 days prior to receipt will no longer be accepted.
  • Added a deprecation warning to the Appcelerator Performance Management (Crittercism) embedded interface, prompting users to update their applications to use the AMPLIFY Crash Analytics module. For more details, please refer to the  documentation.
  • Added a deprecation warning to the Appcelerator CloudTest (SOASTA) embedded interface.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where users may not be able to log in after initial activation.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking Sign In from some services may not redirect users back to that service once authenticated.
  • Fixed an issue where users may not be able to claim an Indie Application Development subscription after their trial expired.
  • Fixed a display issue on field and value selectors on Custom Queries.
  • Fixed an issue where seat counts may show zero after removing a member from an organization.
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