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Dashboard 6.1.1 - 16 April 2018

Dashboard 6.1.1 is a patch release, which includes several bug fixes.

Fixed issues

  • Resolved issue where members of an organization using an external identity provider may not have been added to the organization.
  • Removed ability for email addresses on domains associated with an external identity provider to sign up or be invited to an organization unless activated.
  • Resolved issue where changing a user's password in Mobile Backend Services may cause the browser to hang.
  • Resolved issue where users may not be able to navigate between Mobile Backend Services Analytics views and other views within the same app.
  • Resolved issue where users may not be able to share images with support via Intercom.
  • Resolved issue where build verification requests may fail if posting invalid or incomplete tiapp.xml files.
  • Resolved issue where Custom Query filter values may not update properly.
  • Resolved issue where users starting a new product trial may not be able to navigate back to the landing page.
  • Resolved issue where updated organization branding logos may not be properly displayed.
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