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Enterprise Subscription Required!


This AMPLIFY Appcelerator Services feature requires an Enterprise Subscription. 

If you are an administrator of your organization, you can create child organizations under your parent organization. Child organizations share the user and device resources with the parent organization and cannot be allotted more than what the parent has not used.

If your organization is an authorized AMPLIFY Appcelerator Services Reseller and you are an admin user, you can create two kinds of organization:

  • Internal organizations, called Groups, are the same as children organizations that will use your parent organization's allotted user and device resources.
  • External organizations, called Customers, is a group that has purchased the AMPLIFY Appcelerator Services, which is allotted its own pool of user and device resources.

To create an organization:

  1. Sign in to the AMPLIFY Platform.
  2. Click on the User menu and select the listed organization.
  3. If you're a member of multiple organizations, select the organization you want to view by selecting Switch Org from the User menu.
  4. On the Organization tab, click the Action Menu icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and select either Create New Organization or Create Child Organization
  5. In the Name field, enter the name of the organization.
  6. In the Admin Email field, enter the email address of the person who will be administrating the organization.
  7. In the Dashboard Users field, enter the number of seats to allocate for Dashboard users in the new organization.
  8. In the Test Devices field, enter the number of devices allowed to use Appcelerator Test services.
  9. To invite users to the new organization, click Invite Members to this Organization.


    This button is disabled if the specified number of Dashboard Users is not greater than 1.

  10. Click Create Organization.