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Studio does its best not to crash, but when it does, there are helpful pieces of information you can send to the developers.


A freeze is likely caused by either a deadlock in code or an infinite loop. To diagnose:

  1. If you are on OS X or have the JDK installed on Windows, you can use the jps command
  2. To check, try typing jps on the command line, or you may need to look in c:\Program Files\Java\jdk_directory\bin or wherever your Java is installed. If you do not have a directory with "JDK" in the name, you won't be able to use JPS.

Using JPS


On Unix, you may need to run the following commands as "sudo"

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Type jps -v shows you a list of jvm process ids. You should see one referencing Eclipse.
  3. Type jstack <pid> >> logfile.logto dump the stack trace for the specified VM process id. Copy this into a file and attach it to the JIRA ticket. You may need to pipe the output to a location where you have write permissions, i.e.:
    1. c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_29\bin\jstack 2616 >> "C:\Users\Username\Desktop\test2.log"


Without JPS

Unfortunately, the easiest way requires restarting Studio on the command line. If that's not possible for some reason, you can use this free tool (though it requires registration:

To use the command line:

  1. Start Studio on the command line:
    1. On Windows: Appcelerator Studio.exe -consolelog,  TitaniumStudio.exe -consolelog or AptanaStudio.exe -consolelog
    2. On OS X: /Applications/Appcelerator\ Studio/, /Applications/Titanium\ Studio/ or /Applications/Aptana\ Studio\ 3/
  2. You may wish to adjust the buffer size of your console
    1. On Windows, right-click in the console window and choose Properties. Set the buffer size to 3000.
  3. Enter the key sequence <ctrl> + \ in the console window.
  4. Copy and paste the resulting output information into a document, and attach it to the JIRA ticket

If you have additional questions, you can see for more information.

JVM Terminated

When this happens, you'll see a rectangular dialog with a title of JVM Terminate on your screen and Studio will disappear. This indicates Java itself has crashed, but it creates a log file in the process.

By default, the crash file should be in either the Studio installation directory, or in the system temp directory, most likely with a file name of hs_err_pid*.log. If you still could not locate it, follow the directions here:

  • Finding your Error Log
  • On OS X, the location is ~/Library/Logs/Java/*.crash.log or ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter, and the file will have the word java in its name.

Please attach this log if you submit a support ticket.