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This guide describes how to submit changes to the Titanium SDK API documentation.

The process for getting the SDK source and submitting a pull request is identical to the process for code contributions, described in the Pull Request Guide.

As with code contributions, you must electronically sign the Contributors License Agreement (CLA) before you can contribute documentation or any other materials to the project.

Editing API Documentation

The API documentation is stored in the apidoc folder inside the titanium_mobile repository.

The documentation is written in the Titanium Doc format, TDoc, which is documented in the TDoc Specification.

API doc contributions should comply with the Titanium API Doc Style Guide.

Generating the HTML API Docs

Python and some of its libraries must be installed to build the Titanium's API Docs. Refer to the Installing Python and Installing Required Python Packages guides.

You can build the basic HTML version of the Titanium docs using the script, as follows:

The HTML files are then output to the /path/to/titanium_mobile/dist/apidoc directory, with the index page at dist/apidoc/index.html.

Validating API Doc Modifications

After changes have been made to the API Doc source, it's important to verify that the code is free from errors using the script:

Validating on Windows

On Windows, as Command Line program cannot handle the UTF-8 characters of the validation report, the following error may be displayed:

A workaround for this is to only display a simple report, using the following command:

Submitting Contributions

The process for contributing API Docs is the same as contributing code. Please refer to Pull Request Guide for guidance.