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SequenceCompleted task to configure and enable an IdP

Add a domain and

Verify domain ownership

Configure an OIDC or SAML v2.0 IdP

Step 1 tasks (add and verify a domain, or configure an IdP) can be completed in any order
Confirm the association of an IdP to the domain


Enable the IdP configuration for all domain users



(Optional) Add a subdomain


After domain ownership is verified and an OpenID Connect (OIDC) or SAML v2.0 Identity Provider has been configured, a selected user on the domain must confirm the association of the Identity Provider to the domain.
  1. For the domain you want to confirm, select Confirm IdP Association from the Actions (...) menu from the Email Domain table.
  2. The Confirm Domain Association modal dialog displays. The association of the domain to the configured Identity Provider must be confirmed. Do the following:
    1. Select a user's email address to validate the association in the Verification Recipient field.
    2. Select the Identity Provider to which the domain is associated in the Identity Provider field.
    3. Click Send Verification Email
  3. The verification recipient will be logged out of the Platform and will receive an email from the Axway AMPLIFY Platform to confirm domain ownership. The user must click the link in the email they receive to be taken to the login page of the configured IdP, where they must log in using the email address where they received the confirm domain ownership link. The user is returned to the Platform where they receive a message that domain ownership has been successfully confirmed. They can then click Continue to the AMPLIFY Platform where they are logging into that organization. 

    After domain ownership is verified, the domain appears in the Email Domain table as Associated in the Associated column and Pending in the Confirmed column.

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