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SequenceCompleted task to configure and enable an IdP




Add a domain and

Verify domain ownership

Configure an OIDC or SAML v2.0 IdP

Step 1 tasks (add and verify a domain, or configure an IdP) can be completed in any order
Confirm the association of an IdP to the domain


Enable the IdP configuration for all domain users



(Optional) Add a subdomain


This section includes details on configuring an OpenID Connect (OIDC) Identity Provider.

  To create a new Identity Provider

  1. From the Identity Providers page, click + Identity Provider. The New Identity Provider form will be presented. 
  2. Select OpenID Connect. A blank form is presented.
  3. Enter the Issuer URL and then click Fetch to retrieve and populate the OIDC provider configuration values exposed by the issuer. The values can also be manually entered.
  4. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret fields from the values that are configured for your OIDC Identity Provider's AMPLIFY Platform client.
  5. Complete the Advanced configuration settings (Logout URL and Backchannel Logout) if they are applicable to your Identity Provider.
  6. Confirm the provider configuration values for Authorization URLToken URL, and Attribute Mapping
  7. Complete the Role Assignments section. Refer to Role Assignments for details.
  8. The following is an example of a completed OIDC form (before clicking Save).

  9. Click Save. A confirmation dialog appears with a message that, once the Identity Provider configuration is verified, all users on that domain will be required to log into the AMPLIFY Platform with their Identity Provider credentials.
  10. To complete the configuration, you must add values configured in the AMPLIFY Platform Identity Providers detail page to your Identity Provider. 

    • Copy the Redirect URI and optionally the Post-Logout Redirect URI into the OIDC configuration manually or by clicking the clipboard icon. 
    • Click Save in the OIDC  page. 

When a new Identity Provider is being configured, the organization administrator can edit any field. After an OIDC Identity Provider is pending or verified, the organization administrator is not permitted to edit the Authorization URL, Token URL, and Client ID fields.


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