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Switch between Xcode 4.3 and other Xcode versions (Xcode 4.2 and lower)

Appcelerator Studio, and the Titanium CLI, uses the xcode-select command (typically found in /usr/bin/xcode-select) to retrieve the desired Xcode installation. If you have multiple Xcode installations and need to switch what version Studio uses, you use the same command to select the desired XCode version.

To switch the Xcode version used by Studio

  1. Open a Terminal window and execute the following command:

    The <xcode_folder_path> is typically /Applications/ for Xcode 4.3 and later (or /Developer or /Developer-x.x for Xcode 4.2).

  2. In Studio, open the Studio Preferences and navigate to StudioPlatforms > iOS.
  3. In the iOS section, click the Refresh button.
  4. The newly specified Xcode folder path should be displayed.

You may need to restart Studio for your changes to take effect.