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The Configuration tab lets you do the following:

  • View Cloud application keys
  • Configure application settings for Cloud services
  • Provide SMTP, or Message Gears account information to send e-mails for notifications

Before configuring Cloud settings, make sure you select the correct environment from the Environment menu. The changes you make in the Configuration tab only affects the selected environment.

The Configuration tab is available on the Dashboard left navigation for cloud services, which contains several sub-tabs:

  • Keys
  • Settings
  • Email


Click the Keys tab to display the keys. Click Show to display a key. Use the App Key to make requests to the Cloud service.


Click the Settings tab to configure application settings for Cloud services.

  • Description: Enter a Cloud application description.
  • Friend Request Type: Configures the behavior for the Friends objects. Select either:
    • Two Way (default): Friend each other (Facebook).
    • One Way: Follow a friend (Twitter).
  • New User Email Verification: With this option enabled, new users must provide a valid email address and prove they can access it before their account is activated. You must have your SMTP settings completed before this setting is enabled.
  • Allow User Creation: With this option disabled, app users can only be created through this administrative website.
  • Click Save to save any setting changes you made.


On the Email configuration tab, you can configure Dashboard to send email using SMTP or Message Gears on behalf of your application. To send an email, you use the custom_mailer/email_from_template.json REST method, the Cloud.Emails.send() method, or the equivalent native iOS or Android method. To send an email, you must specify an email template that you previously created in Dashboard (see Managing Email Templates for details).


  • If not specified, the End Point URL for Message Gears defaults to

To configure your application to send an email:

  1. In the Provider field, select either SMTP or Message Gears and enter your SMTP or Message Gears server or account settings.
  2. For SMTP, complete the Username, Password, SMTP Address, and Port fields and then make the Authentication, Use Default Sender, Test Mode, TLS selections.
  3. For MessageGears, complete the Account ID, API Key, Sender Email, Sender Name, and (optionally) Endpoint fields and then make the Test Mode selection.
  4. To have all sent emails sent to a specified email for testing purposes:
    1. In the Test Mode field, select Enable.
    2. In the Administrator's Email field, enter the email address where emails should be sent.
  5. Click Save.
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