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When you are using Studio, you need to ensure you are using the Studio Perspective, to take full advantage of all of Studio's features. A Perspective is a collection of Eclipse views and editors, configured for specific tasks.  This page describes how to change your perspective in your workbench.

To change your workbench perspective:

  • From the menu bar, select Window > Open Perspective.
    • If the perspective you want is visible, select it.  
    • If not, select Other... to display a dialog that shows all available perspectives.  Select the one you want, then click OK.

You can also open the perspective dialog by clicking the Open Perspective button  in the top-right corner of Studio.  To the right of the Open Perspective button are the perspectives you use frequently. Click these buttons to change the perspective.

For example, with the Debug Perspective, Studio opens additional views as shown in the screenshot below: Debug, Variables, Breakpoints, Expressions, and Loaded Scripts views.