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Titanium mobile needs support for binary data operations. A new buffer type needs to be created that will be used for read / write operations on streams.


A separate spec exists that outlines encoding support for numeric and string values.  The Encoding Spec enables the addition of reading and writing of numeric and string values along with support for specific encoding.


  • Buffer - Generally represents temporary storage for data when moving from one location to another (such as reading data off a socket and then writing to a file).  In our case, the buffer will be a container for binary data rather than being limited to only string data.

Proposed Tasks

  • Create Buffer data type for use with Stream IO


In order to support generic handling of Stream operations, all read / write operations will utilize the new buffer type.  Buffer type will allow for array style access for individual bytes (IE:  myarray[spe:3] = 1)

Creating buffer object: