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Samples in the basics/ folder demonstrates basic Alloy concepts.


  • Built-insDemonstrates use of several built-in libraries included with Alloy that simplify certain functions, such as animations, string manipulation and display unit conversion.
  • Controller eventsDemonstrates using Backbone events to communicate between view-controllers.
  • Create Turntable AnimationThis document shows how to create turntable animation.
  • Global StylesDemonstrates using the global style file to apply a set of default styles to an entire Alloy project.
  • Markup EventsDemonstrates adding event attributes in the XML view and handling the event in the view-controller.
  • Markup requireDemonstrates how to build modular views using the  element to include sub-views defined in external XML files.
  • Project Configuration FileDemonstrates use of the Alloy configuration file.
  • SimpleDemonstrates a basic Alloy application consisting of a single XML view file, JavaScript controller file, and Titanium Style Sheet (TSS) file.