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This document provides information on where to find help for Axway Appcelerator support.

Available Support Channels

Available support channels are based on your organization’s plan type:


Indie (free) Plan

Pro Plan

Enterprise Plan

  • Public forums

  • Chat & Email

  • Public forums

  • Elite support plans with SLAs

  • Chat & Email

  • Public forums


Support Channel Overview

This table summarizes the various support channels. The sections that follow go into more detail on each channel and how they are used.


Public forums

Chat & Email

Enterprise Support

  • Primarily community driven

  • No SLAs

  • In-platform chat help from Appcelerator experts

  • 24x7 availability

  • Same business-day response

  • Enterprise Support Portal

  • 24x7 availability

  • SLA based on contractual agreement 


Public Forums

Axway Appcelerator has one of the largest developer communities in the world. One of the most valuable roles the community serves is providing answers and support to other users. Community-supported forums are available to all plan types (Trial, Indie, Pro, Enterprise, Mobile Backend Services) as well as users of open source Titanium.

Beyond the forums, also be sure to check out our free video tutorials, which cover a wide range of development topics related to Titanium, API Builder, and beyond.

Chat and Email Support

Users in trial or subscribers with Pro, Enterprise, or Mobile Backend Services plans can initiate a chat with our Support Team to request assistance on issues within our Scope of Support.

We have support engineers monitoring this channel 24/7. Response times are made on a “best effort” best basis depending on volumes, but we typically respond within 30 minutes. If you are not in the chat window when we respond, the reply will be emailed to you so you won’t miss it.

Note: For official enterprise support cases with guaranteed SLAs, the formal support portal and ticketing process should be used. Chat support is intended to provide quick assistance with lightweight technical inquiries. See the Enterprise Support section for more details. 

  1. Click Chat icon on the bottom right corner after you login to, then click New Conversation.

    Note: if you are running an ad-blocker, you may need to whitelist the Appcelerator and Axway domains to access the chat icon.

  2. Provide a detailed summary of your support request, such as:

    • Steps to reproduce the issue

    • Environments affected (iOS, Android, Windows) if applicable

    • Version of the SDK, IDE, Modules, and so forth.

    • Error messages received, if applicable

    • Links to screenshots or screencasts of the behavior, if necessary

    • Reproducible sample code if applicable

Note that all chat communications are stored under your chat profile so that you can refer to past conversations as needed.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise subscriptions include elite support with formal case management, guaranteed SLAs, and commitment to critical bug fixes to ensure your organization is operating at the highest levels at all times.  

The table below details the Enterprise support packages. Silver support is included with public cloud Enterprise subscriptions, with upgrades to higher levels are available. VPC and on-premises enterprise deployments include Platinum support.


Enterprise support options

Silver (included)

Gold (available)

Platinum (available)

Incidents / year




Response time

1 business day

4 hr Critical, 8 hr Other

2 Hours

Support availability

Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm PT

24 x 5

24 x 7


Web & Hotline

Web & Hotline

Web & Hotline

Critical bug fixes





The Support Portal is the channel for creating and managing enterprise support cases backed by SLAs.

Global support hotline numbers can be found in the support directory.   

Scope of Support

We love helping developers succeed with our platform. However, there are boundaries what our support engineers can help with. Some of the limitations include:

  • We don't touch client code. Your application code belongs to you. We offer suggestions or recommendations via sample use cases.

  • We cannot provide application code-level debugging assistance

  • Outdated versions of core are not supported on the Platform

  • While we can assist, we cannot migrate your apps to newer releases of our products

  • We don’t offer support for modules provided by 3rd parties. You will need to contact 3rd parties directly for support.

  • New feature requests and feature enhancements are subject to review by our Product Management team for priority and scheduling. Enterprise customers should use the Enterprise Support Portal. Guidelines for filing a feature request by the community can be found here.

  • We can only assist if we can replicate the problem