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Studio 6.0.0.GA - 2 June 2020

Studio 6.0.0.GA is a major release that includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

32-bit Builds Removed


32-bit builds of Studio are no longer supported, as Eclipse has removed 32-bit OS support.

API Builder Support Removed


TISTUD-9207 - Inline with the API Builder v3 deprecation, API Builder support has been removed from Studio


New features


  • TISTUD-8879 - Install latest Node.js LTS version
  • TISTUD-8991 - Studio: Eclipse Upgrade from Oxygen to Eclipse 4.9(2018-09)
  • TISTUD-9115 - Studio 6.0 GA: Update Node.js version distributed by Studio
  • TISTUD-9119 - Liveview: Disable hook attachment when using SDK 8 or above
  • TISTUD-9138 - Support 'source-maps' property in tiapp.xml 
  • TISTUD-9148 - Update the Node.js installer links to the latest LTS 10.13
  • TISTUD-9155 - Studio 6.0 GA: Install Java 11 with Studio 6.0 installers
  • TISTUD-9156 - Studio 6.0 RC: Update Studio 6.0 with the JDK 11 temporary links for macOS and Win64
  • TISTUD-9162 - TSS: Update TSS parser to handle $.args usage in TSS files
  • TISTUD-9197 - Upgrade Eclipse base to 4.13
  • TISTUD-9204 - Android: Module packaging disabled in studio for module created with SDK supporting gradle

Fixed issues

  • TISTUD-7442 - Appcelerator Studio doesn't start
  • TISTUD-7746 - LiveView via CLI does not work (anymore) until it has been used via Studio after install/update
  • TISTUD-8736 - Studio hangs upon opening file in offline mode when there was no previous appc session
  • TISTUD-8832 - Fix NPE for String Join within StringUtil
  • TISTUD-8858 - Studio support for new API Builder UI URL
  • TISTUD-8889 - Error Reporting: Import Project from dashboard throws NPE intermittently
  • TISTUD-8976 - Eclipse Oxygen: Issues in Studio Preferences
  • TISTUD-8985 - Eclipse Oxygen: UI Issues in the Windows OS
  • TISTUD-9004 - How do I switch back to previous studio version
  • TISTUD-9042 - iOS: Create modules in "dist" directory
  • TISTUD-9043 - Appc Studio Installer crashes during install process if only JDK 9 is installed
  • TISTUD-9065 - Cannot fully scroll tiapp overview page
  • TISTUD-9092 - Error occurred during "Getting Diagnostic Logs"
  • TISTUD-9096 - The error marker for any error in script is always shown on the first line
  • TISTUD-9099 - Incorrect filename shown in message on the error marker
  • TISTUD-9101 - Install android 8.1 by default in the appcelerator studio
  • TISTUD-9107 - Studio hangs on Startup
  • TISTUD-9108 - Update with the 64-bit Windows builds
  • TISTUD-9112 - Avoid sending studio crash reports in development and testing mode
  • TISTUD-9123 - Issues with the re-engineered session management
  • TISTUD-9129 - Cannot launch studio with JDK 11
  • TISTUD-9137 - Studio prompts for hyperloop plugin update with SDK > 7.0 if hyperloop folder inside modules directory is deleted.
  • TISTUD-9140 - [Android]If USB debugging is not accepted on device, user is unable to select device/emulator from drop down menu 
  • TISTUD-9142 - LiveView: Newline character is displayed when using liveview
  • TISTUD-9145 - Syntax errors in imported sample project "hyperloop-examples"
  • TISTUD-9199 - Hyperloop: Prompted to install very out of date Hyperloop 1.2.8 release
  • TISTUD-9200 - Android: Debugger does not hit breakpoint for an alloy app on a device.
  • TISTUD-9203 - macOS RCP: zipped RCP .app folder is not signed, causing macOS to report as damaged or refusing to open
  • TISTUD-9211 - Issues with version number and About page in RC build

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