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Studio 4.10.0.GA - 4 October 2017

Axway Appcelerator Studio 4.10.0.GA is a minor release that includes new improvements and bug fixes. This release include two main highlights: Rebranding of Studio to align with Axway/Appcelerator branding and App Designer improvements.

New features


Axway/Appcelerator rebranding

Studio 4.10.0 features various updates centering around the Axway Appcelerator rebranding effort. Highlights of the rebranding include the following:

  • TISTUD-8797 - Update branding for Studio Windows installer
    • updated Installer with new Axway branding and a new name: "Axway Appcelerator Studio"
  • TISTUD-8798 - Update Terms of Use for Studio
    • Updated the Terms of Use document under Software License Agreement

  • TISTUD-8799 - Update "About Studio" text

    • Updated the About Studio text
  • TISTUD-8800 - Update references to Arrow in the Studio
    • Renamed references of "Arrow" to "API Builder"
  • TISTUD-8835 - Update Studio splash screen as per Axway Appcelerator Studio branding

    • Splash Screen updated for new Axway Appcelerator branding
  • TISTUD-8836 - Replace all "Appcelerator Studio" text references with the "Axway Appceleator Studio"
    • Replaced all references of "Appcelerator Studio" with "Axway Appcelerator Studio" within the application
  • TISTUD-8848 - Update studio app icons as per Axway Appcelerator Studio rebranding
    • Updated the application icons to reflect the Axway rebranding effort
  • TISTUD-8852 - Update Axway branding for Studio Mac installer
    • Updated installer to include the new branding iconography and text
  • TISTUD-8864 - Update Axway Appcelerator Studio release notes url in the studio
    • Updated Studio to point to the renamed release notes
  • TISTUD-8865 - Update Windows shortcut, start menu and Control panel program icon
    • Updated the Studio application icon
  • TISTUD-8866 - Update new Axway Appcelerator Studio folder icon in MacOS during studio update
    • Updated the Studio folder icon for MacOS

App Designer

  • GB-541 - Allow Tabbing on Properties view pertaining to App Designer
    • Added capability to "tab through" cells in the Properties View
  • GB-542 - Highlight the selected element when switch from XML view to Design view
    • Selected XML components in the XML View are also highlighted in the Design View
  • GB-550 - App Designer in full screen mode
    • Added capability to allow App Designer to go full screen
  • GB-551 - Handle Multi-Select efficiently
    • Added feature when multiple elements are selected, you cannot tab through the cells as some of those cell types may not be have the same navigation behavior
  • GB-552 - Fix issues with defaulting of properties
    • Added feature when using the tab key to navigate, no values are activated when moving through the cells

LiveView improvements

  • TISTUD-8781 - LiveView: include version 1.2.0
    • Implemented ES6 support for LiveView
  • TISTUD-8840 - LiveView: Include version 1.2.1
    • Update for Windows application in LiveView; Studio shows the splash screen and then crashes with no error log. Please refer TIMOB-25072 for more info.

Fixed issues


  • TISTUD-8775 - Spinner shown after creation of AVD from preferences when using Android tools more than 25.3.0
  • TISTUD-8819 - Error in Create Android AVD window when JDK 1.8 not installed
  • TISTUD-8876 - Studio: Android Emulators no longer listed


  • TISTUD-8838 - iOS simulators are not shown and NPE upon launching the studio
  • TISTUD-8850 - iOS Ad Hoc/Enterprise distribution error: Attribute notifyUsers is not of type java.lang.String.
  • TISTUD-8875 - Studio: When compiling an error is thrown: env: node: No such file or directory


  • TISTUD-8769 - TiApp: Windows is not viewed as a valid platform for module tag 
  • TISTUD-8770 - Windows: LiveView flag not being passed on Windows Local Machine build
  • TISTUD-8777 - Windows: Error during JDK update when studio not launched as admin
  • TISTUD-8778 - Port 8080 remains blocked even after terminating an Arrow app running on Local Server
  • TISTUD-8788 - Windows OS: Error prompt when selecting a default project in the new workspace


  • GB-561 - Exception when Tab onto “OrientationModes” property for Windows element
  • TISTUD-8564 - Hyperloop: Errors when running project with liveview and hyperloop enabled
  • TISTUD-8749 - Can't auto login into studio dashboard with the SSO generated URL
  • TISTUD-8779 - Studio Error reporting: Error while adding a breakpoint in app.js file
  • TISTUD-8817 - Address XML External Entity Injection issues reported by Fortify
  • TISTUD-8827 - Handle Fortify SCA reported NPE's
  • TISTUD-8829 - Command Injection can cause the program to execute malicious commands

Known issues

  • TISTUD-8878 - JDK 1.9 is not supported with the Axway Appcelerator Studio 4.10.0

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