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Studio 5.0.0.GA - 8 December 2017

Studio 5.0.0.GA is a major release that includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.


  • TISTUD-7981 - Use appc daemon to request system info
    • Studio no longer uses ti info -t <platform> with the introduction of the appc daemon. Studio connects to this server over a WebSocket and query the system information and listen for changes.
  • TISTUD-8873 - iOS: Use JSCore by default with SDK 7.0
    • JSCore will be configured by default if you're working with SDK 7.0 and higher
  • TISTUD-8890 - Install node.js 8.7 with the studio 5.0 installers
    • Install node.js 8.7 with the Atudio 5.0 installers and increase the minimum version required to 7.6

Fixed issues

  • TISTUD-7905 - ["Expected ')'","",1] in Dev Toolbox Console on launch
  • TISTUD-8610 - iOS Debugger: JSCore: When debugging on iOS device the debug process keeps on waiting for app launch on device
  • TISTUD-8612 - iOS Debugger: JSCore: NPE on click of any debug control button after debug has been terminated
  • TISTUD-8636 - iOS Debugger: JSCore: Debug on iOS ignores all breakpoints on device
  • TISTUD-8841 - Appc Studio: Use of grunt in Titanium Project failing
  • TISTUD-8847 - Windows OS: Error prompt when importing a sample project from dashboard
  • TISTUD-8859 - 4.9.1 Studio crashes immediately
  • TISTUD-8881 - Enabling Appcelerator services generates new GUID
  • TISTUD-8882 - Error reporting prompt shown when the login dialog is cancelled
  • TISTUD-8883 - Error occured when I cancel the platform configuration dialog
  • TISTUD-8912 - Have a flag to disable appc daemon in the studio
  • TISTUD-8913 - Appc daemon: Unexpected token END OF FILE at position 65536
  • TISTUD-8918 - Packaging an iOS module throws an error
  • TISTUD-8919 - An internal error occurred during: "Update iOS info".
  • TISTUD-8920 - iOS Debugger: Need to delete .appc_studio_keystore file to debug on each new device
  • TISTUD-8922 - Unable to see any android devices or emulators on studio
  • TISTUD-8925 - Calls to "appc ti info" still seen in studio logs
  • TISTUD-8928 - Avoid Appcd calls when -Dappcd.disable flag set in the system property
  • TISTUD-8929 - Start Daemon during the studio startup
  • TISTUD-8930 - Appcelerator Studio Prerequisite for Android is not shown correctly
  • TISTUD-8932 - Daemon not restarted if killed outside of Studio
  • TISTUD-8933 - "appc appcd exec status" is not working with 7.0.0-master.48
  • TISTUD-8934 - Using daemon studio fails to run genymotion emulator with invalid "--device-id" error
  • TISTUD-8936 - Studio needs to recognize new iOS module template
  • TISTUD-8938 - Hyperloop is not getting enabled in the tiapp.xml in the services section
  • TISTUD-8939 - Support Studio 5.0 with the CLI < 7.0
  • TISTUD-8940 - Android Debugger: The debug process seems to get hung on splash screen
  • TISTUD-8944 - Fix all namings
  • TISTUD-8948 - Error on Android preference page when Genymotion not installed on system

Known issues

  • TISTUD-8878 - Axway Appcelerator Studio support for JDK 9
    • Studio 5.0.0 and lower does not support JDK 9. It is currently slated to be supported with Studio 6.0.0.
    • To manually fix this issue, follow these steps:
      1. Make sure you have JDK 1.8.131 on your system. Look for this: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_1131.jdk
      2. Edit the Appcelerator Studio.ini file which is located here: /Applications/Appcelerator/ Studio/
      3. Force Studio to use jdk1.8.0_131.jdk by adding the following -vm argument before the -vmargs entry:

      4. Restart Studio.

  • TISTUD-8953 - Mac: Studio won't start, hangs on initial dialog
    • Studio 5.0.0.GA does not support JDK 1.8.0_152 and higher

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