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At a Glance

Axway API Builder is an opinionated framework to build and deploy applications to the cloud.

API Builder

API Builder lets you build and deploy API endpoints that can be consumed by any client application. API Builder applications are made up of several components:

  • API Builder APIs can be defined in two ways:
    • Programmatically: Defined in Javascript via the Arrow API. These are custom endpoints that allow you to access and execute custom operations on data.
    • Configuration: Defined as Swagger 2.0 document. These are files which describe and document RESTful APIs which are composed of one or more endpoints.
  • API Builder Blocks are filters that allow you to pre- or post-process data
  • API Builder Codeblocks are nodes which can be used within Flows to implement advanced business logic not possible through the configuration of supplied nodes alone
  • API Builder Connectors are adaptors to allow you read and write data to and from an external data source, such as ArrowDB, MySQL, Salesforce, and MongoDB, or in server memory
  • API Builder Endpoints are endpoints as described by a configuration-based API
  • API Builder Flows are graphs of pre-defined nodes which are used to implement the business logic of an endpoint
  • API Builder Models are structured data with predefined API endpoints to access them
  • API Builder Web is a framework to create endpoints that render UI for HTML applications

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API Runtime Services

API Runtime Services hosts applications, built with API Builder, and Appcelerator pre-built services, which includes the ArrowDB and push notification services.

  • ArrowDB (formerly known as Appcelerator Cloud Services) provides pre-built REST objects, such as Users or Photos. ArrowDB can be integrated with your Titanium, Node.js, Android or iOS application.
  • Arrow Push (another former component of Appcelerator Cloud Services) provides the ability to send push notifications to Android and iOS devices subscribed to push channels. Arrow Push can be integrated with your Titanium, Android or iOS application.

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  1. Brian Immel Noticed you made a couple of tweaks. I'm not sure, but I think it's worth capitalising project artefacts, especially when there are multiple meanings. "Endpoints" refers to the "API Builder Endpoints", and "endpoints" are the globally known definition non-specific to API builder. (unique URLs). That's why the definition of an Endpoint includes "endpoint". Kinda confusing really but that;s what we decided to call it.