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Mobile Backend Services supports the Mongo $inc atomic increment operator.


You can use $inc to increment (or decrement) a custom field by a specified value in a single update operation.

  • The operator accepts positive and negative increment amounts
  • It can only be applied to a single field per method call.

$inc is specified with the following form, where fieldName is the name of the field to update and value is a positive (or negative) number to increment (or decrement) fieldName by:

The operator must be enclosed in quotes, as shown above. The following methods support the $inc operator:


The following example increments the score custom field by 10 in a CustomObjects update to a custom object called family:

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The following example decrements the score custom field by 20 in a Checkins update:

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If you apply $inc to multiple fields in one Update call, you will get an error: