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API Builder 3.x is deprecated


Support for API Builder 3.x ceased on 30 April 2020. Use the v3 to v4 upgrade guide to migrate all your applications to API Builder 4.x.

Contact if you require migration assistance.

Arrow Builder 1.7.27 - 22 February 2016

Arrow Builder 1.7.27 is a patch release that includes one new feature and several improvements and bug fixes.

New Feature

You can add models before the server starts and have them stand up their route properly.


  • The last screen of the Build (model) replaces the Next button with a Save button that saves your project.
  • The field type of complexity has been added to the acceptable field types for the Salesforce Connector.
  • Port 80 is now the default port in client SDKs.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with logging out and running an Arrow project that throws the error message of "Uncaught Exception Unexpected token u"
  • Arrow apps no longer exit with non-zero code upon error
  • Updated the link in the local admin "appc.arrowdb/photo" page to point to the correct documentation
  • Fixed issue where reduced ArrowDB model/API doesn't return any data
  • Fixed issue with installing appc.mongo with Node 4.2.1 (error message: "Cannot find module '../build/Release/bson")
  • You can now connect multiple Salesforce instances
  • If you install Appc CLI Core on Windows, the install does not break on the buffer utils
  • Creating empty connector projects no longer fails with "logger.trace is not a function"
  • Fixed bug with the Data Editor page will not display any data for a published Arrow app
  • Fixed issue on preprod where you can pass "undefined" as the API key when making an API call to a published app. The curl call will no longer succeed and you need to pass in your production API key instead.
  • Fixed bug when you use Arrow SDK with Alloy and receive the runtime error of "Can't find variable: CacheElseNetwork"