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API Builder 3.x is deprecated


Support for API Builder 3.x ceased on 30 April 2020. Use the v3 to v4 upgrade guide to migrate all your applications to API Builder 4.x.

Contact if you require migration assistance.

Arrow Builder 1.10.1 - 13 December 2016

Arrow Builder 1.10.1 is a minor release that includes one new improvement and two bug fixes.

The new API Builder UI offers the following improvements over the legacy Builder functionality:

  • Refresh of UI with latest Axway brand styling
  • Improved UX for Model lifecycle management
  • Enhanced Model Builder for creation and composition of new models
  • Improved Configuration Management across deployment environments
  • Streamlined filtering of API logs, advanced filters, and pagination on Logs View
  • Intuitive look and feel for API Test & Docs view
  • Internationalization ready UI


  • API-1385 - Warn if a user is running locally with a different version of node than will be run in production
    • Added warnings if the developer is running a different version of node locally that the one in production

Fixed issues

  • API-1404 - Unable to use APIKey in SDK
  • API-1405 - Replace or port appc-ldapauth