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Review the troubleshooting guides

For general installation issues, see Installation Troubleshooting.

For in-depth troubleshooting information about specific Appcelerator components, see the following articles:

Common issues

Dashboard sent an authorization token but I did not receive one

If you are an enterprise Appcelerator Platform user, submit a ticket in the Support portal.

For all other users, send an e-mail to support@appcelerator.com.

Appcelerator updates in Studio hang or freeze, or cannot build for Android or iOS after updating from Studio

Close Studio and perform an update using the Appcelerator CLI.

Start Studio after the update completes.


Turn off LiveView

LiveView may conflict with other application or tooling components.  The following are known issues if LiveView is active:

  • If you are debugging, the debugger may not suspend execution when breakpoints are encountered if LiveView is turned on.
  • On iOS, the application may not be able to retrieve a device token, which is needed to subscribe to push notifications.