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Team Subscription Required!


This Appcelerator Platform feature requires a Team Subscription. 


Welcome to Appcelerator Insights!  With Appcelerator Insights, you can track user acquisition, engagement, retention and quality metrics for your mobile apps.  The Appcelerator Insights application is aimed for business users as opposed to the Appcelerator Dashboard, which is aimed at technical users.

This guide walks through the steps of getting started with Appcelerator Insights.

Appcelerator Insights only runs on iPads running iOS 7 and later, and Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets running Android 4.3 and greater.

Download Insights

Any member of an organization with a Team subscription can use Appcelerator Insights.  Once you have a registered Appcelerator Platform account, go to the Download Center on your device and download the Appcelerator Insights app.  The download links are also available in your Appclerator Platform invitation e-mail.

Using Insights


In the Appcelerator Insights application, information and navigational elements are presented as "Orbs".  Orbs are circles that present information and allow you to drill down to view more detailed information.  The thickness and color of each Orb represents the amount of increase or decrease of the metric.

Metrics are presented in four categories:

  • Acquisition: application installations or removals
  • Engagement: how many times and how long users have used your application
  • Quality: shows information related to application crashes
  • Retention: measures the number of unique installations vs. application usage

Home Screen

After launching Appcelerator Insights, you are presented with the Home screen with demo data.  Before viewing metrics for any of your applications, you must first log in to the application with your Appcelerator Platform credentials.

To login:

  1. Click the right menu button (Appcelerator logo) located in the top-right corner to open the right menu.
  2. At the bottom of the menu, click the Login button.
  3. On the Login Screen, enter your Appcelerator Platform credentials.
  4. If this is your first time logging in to the application, a dialog opens asking if you would like to take a look at the user guide.  Click Open User Guide if you wish to see the instructions.  You can access the User Guide at anytime from the right menu.

On the Home screen you can:

  • Login or logout of Insights, or select help options from the right menu (available on subsequent screens)
  • After you are logged in, select the application you want to view data for from the left menu (available on subsequent screens)
  • Click on an Orb to drill down to more detailed information
  • View an Orb to see weekly changes of the metric category
  • View the map to see current usage activity
  • Tap, double-tap or pan the map to change the view


Navigation Screen

When you click on an Orb, you are presented with more metric data about your application.  On the Navigation screen, you can:

  • View metric information from the past two weeks
  • Click on the Orbs to view different metrics or go back to the Home Screen if its the currently selected metric
  • Swipe up to view more detailed information about the currently selected metric category
  • Swipe down to go back to the Home Screen

Metric Screen

When you swipe up on the Navigation Screen, you are presented with a detailed view of the metric.  In the Metric Screen, you can:

  • Click the metric labels beneath the graph to view different metrics. Clicking on the currently selected category changes the period from monthly to quarterly of the total value.
  • Click on the graph points to view more detailed information
  • Click on the Orbs at the top to navigate between the different metrics categories
  • Swipe down to go back to the Navigation Screen

The following table describes the metrics reported by Insights:

AcquisitionTotal Installs*Total number of installs or users you have acquired.
Total Push DevicesTotal number of devices subscribed to a push channel.
EngagementAverage Session Length*Average length of the user session.
Total SessionsTotal number of user sessions or that times your app has been opened.
RetentionRetention Rate*

Ratio of users that installed the app today and used the app yesterday.
(sum of unique devices today - sum of installs today) / sum of unique devices yesterday

Unique DevicesTotal number of unique devices.
QualityCrash Frequency*

Frequency at which a user experiences a crash.
(average session length * total sessions) / crashes

Session / CrashesNumber of times your users open the app before experiencing a crash.
average session length
/ crashes
Unique Crashes

Number of unique crashes experienced by your user base.

(*) Displayed in the Home and Navigation screens but calculated for the week.