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This document provides information on how to authorize a browser or device for Dashboard, how to navigate the Dashboard, overviews of the Dashboard home screen and metrics, what and how to use data filters, and how to export data from the Dashboard.

Platform Sign-in

To sign into the AMPLIFY Platform:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign-in with your Platform credentials. If you do not have a Platform account, click Don't have an account? Get started for free. or click Get started for FREE!, and follow the onboarding instructions.
  3. If you have Always ask for Org selected from the On login drop-down menu, select the organization to log into on the Welcome screen. For On login drop-down menu selection information, refer to Managing Accounts.

    Once you are signed into the Platform, the AMPLIFY Platform home page will be displayed.

AMPLIFY Platform

The AMPLIFY Platform homepage includes the Services tab and the Labs tab.


The Services tab includes the API Builder, App Builder, Mobile Backend Services, Dashboard, Learn, Support, Extend, and Coming Soon sections.


The Dashboard section provides access to Dashboard. Dashboard provides full lifecycle visibility and real-time insights for all of your applications and APIs. To access the Dashboard documentation, click Docs. To access the Dashboard, click Go to Dashboard. To learn more about the Dashboard home page, refer to Dashboard.

API Builder

The API Builder section provides information on how to build APIs and microservices with the API Builder framework. To learn more about API Builder, click About. To access the API Builder documentation, click Docs. To get started building APIs and microservices with the API Builder framework, click Get Started. 

App Builder

The App Builder section provides information on how to build cross-platform native apps with Titanium SDK, Studio, and CLI. To learn more about App Builder, click About. To access the Titanium SDK documentation, click Docs. To get started Get building cross-platform native apps with Titanium SDK, Studio, and CLI, click Get Started.

Mobile Backend Services

The Mobile Backend Services section provides access to pre-built services like push notifications, NoSQL database, geolocation, and more. To access the Mobile Backend Services documentation, click Docs. To manage Mobile Backend Services datasources, click Manage. For information on managing Mobile Backend Services datasources, refer to Managing Mobile Backend Services Datasources.


The Learn section provides links to the Quick Start page, to the Developer Portal, and to the Developer Blog. For more information on the Quick Start page, refer to AMPLIFY Quick Start. To explore the Developer Portal, click Developer Portal. The Developer Portal includes portals to develop mobile applications, to build and manage APIs, to explore AMPLIFY APIs, to modernize content collaboration, and to build and extend your Managed File Transfers. The Developer Blog provides information on the latest product updates and provides insights geared to developers and businesses.


The Support section provides links to Axway's documentation and enterprise support portals. To explore the Axway documentation portal, click Documentation. To access the Axway Enterprise Support portal, click Enterprise Support.


The Expand section provides links to the Axway AMPLIFY Marketplace and to the Axway AMPLIFY Developer's Link. To explore and select from offerings on the Axway AMPLIFY Marketplace, click Marketplace. To test your applications and APIs, click DevLink.

Coming Soon

The Coming Soon section provides a link to try Syncplicity. To sign up and try Syncplicity, click Try Syncplicity. To try Syncplicity for thirty days, complete the Enterprise Edition sign-up form, agree to the terms of service, verify that you are not a robot, and click Free 30 Day Trial. To explore other Syncplicity plans, click Looking for Other Plans?.


The Labs tab provides early public access to alpha and beta features and products, so users can guide product direction and we can make enhancements, prior to formal release as a GA product or initiative. Labs projects are released as-is with no support and usage is at your own risk. To access the Labs tab, accept the conditions on the Welcome to Away Labs screen.

Currently, the Labs tab provides early access to API Central is available. To learn more about API Central, click About. To explore the API Central documentation, click Docs. To request early access to API Central, click Request Access. Once you have requested access, the Request Access link will update to Provisioning. While your access is being provisioned, you will receive provisioning status updates. When your access request has been approved and provisioned, the link will update to Go. Once your access has been approved, click Go. Clicking Go will transfer you to the API Central Services Home page where you can select to Register an API, Create a client app, or Watch your traffic. Refer to API Central for additional information.

AMPLIFY Quick Start

The AMPLIFY Quick Start page enables to select where you would like to start your exploration of the AMPLIFY Platform. You can select Build, manage, and monitor Mobile Apps to get started building cross-platform native apps using CLI or IDE or you can select Create, secure, and publish APIs and Microservices to get started creating APIs and microservices with API Builder. You can also skip the Quick Start page and go directly to the AMPLIFY Platform homepage by selecting Skip this and go to AMPLIFY Home.

If you select Build, manage, and monitor Mobile Apps, you will be forwarded to the Get started with App Builder page where you can select to start building cross-platform native apps using either Axway Appcelerator Studio or Appcelerator CLI. If you select Create, secure, and publish APIs and Microservices, you will be forwarded to the Get started with APIs and Microservices page where you can select either Create APIs and Microservices using API Builder or Import and manage existing APIs using API Central once your access to API Central is provisioned.

Access Dashboard

To access Dashboard, select Go to Dashboard in the Dashboard section of the AMPLIFY Platform home page. The Dashboard home page will open. For more information, see Dashboard.


The Dashboard home page includes the Project tab and the Overview tab. The Project tab displays the list of applications for the selected organization. The list of applications can be filtered by application type (Titanium SDK, APS SDK, Node.js, API Builder, Mobile Backend Services, and so forth). Additionally, select the Show only my apps checkbox to limit the displayed list of applications to display only your applications. You can also search the list of applications by name or ID and select favorite applications from the list of applications. The Overview tab displays key metric information. For additional information on the key metrics, refer to Viewing Metrics.

To manage an application, select the application to manage from the list of applications.

If you haven't created any applications yet, you will be directed to the You don't have any apps yet! page. Don't worry. It's easy to get started creating apps using the AMPLIFY Platform. It should take you only a few minutes to create an app. Once you do, your Dashboard will have data here. To get started creating applications, click Get the latest tools. You will be forwarded to the Get started with App Builder page where you can select to get started building apps with either Axway Appcelerator Studio or Appcelerator CLI.

Application List Sorting

The Name, Type, and Created columns in applications list can be sorted either in ascending and descending order. Note that applications selected as favorites will always appear at the top of the application list in the sorted order.

Application List Paging

The number of displayed applications per page can be selected using the per page drop-down menu.

The number of applications displayed per page can be set to:

  • 10 per page
  • 25 per page (default)
  • 50 per page
  • 100 per page

Dashboard Navigation

Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar in Dashboard lets you select an application or API to view or manage, register a new Android or iOS application, and change your current organization. Application team members can access information about their own applications. Organization admins can access information about all of the organization's applications. See Managing Organizations for more information.


Use the following items to navigate through the Dashboard:

  • Navigation menu – Navigate to the AMPLIFY Platform products or the Marketplace, navigate to the Labs, and navigate to Support and Learning.
  • Home – Click to return to the Dashboard home screen.
  • Apps menu – Select an application to manage, or register a new Android or iOS application.
  • Add menu – Register a new Android or iOS app, create a new Mobile Backend Services data source or add a new organization member
  • Orgs menu (may not be visible) – Select a different organization to which you belong. Dashboard administrators can also select Manage Orgs to manage organizations, its members, and applications. If you only belong to one organization, this menu will not appear in the top navigation bar.
  • Profile menu – View your member profile and access the Download Center to download premium modules.
  • Notifications menu – Displays notifications and latest organization activity.

Bottom Navigation Bar

The bottom navigation bar contains menus for enabling Demo Data mode, viewing documentation and release notes, and sending feedback.

  • Click Demo Data to populate Dashboard with demonstration data to see how Dashboard looks if you had several applications and APIs in production.
  • Click the Dashboard version number, for example, 5.0.0, to view release notes.
  • Click Docs view the latest Appcelerator Dashboard documentation.
  • Click Support to open the Axway Developer Portal portal (login required).
  • Click Status to open the Axway AMPLIFY Platform Status page.
  • Click the copyright to view some boring legal documents and software copyrights.
  • Click the Chat icon to open to report a problem or make a suggestion.