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Appcelerator Dashboard is a web application you use to manage all aspects of your Appcelerator Platform development. You can manage Titanium applications, as well as iOS and Android applications built with Objective-C (or Swift) and Java. It enables you to create, deliver, analyze and manage your mobile apps. On Dashboard you can do the following:

Browser and Mobile OS Support

The Appcelerator Dashboard supports the following desktop browsers and mobile operating systems:

  • Chrome 24+
  • Firefox 18+
  • Safari 6+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • iOS 5+
  • Android 4+

If you try to open the Dashboard in an unsupported browser or if your browser width is too small, you will receive a warning message.

Next steps

To start using the Appcelerator Dashboard, please review Appcelerator Dashboard Getting Started.