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Appcelerator CLI 9.0.0 RC - 21 April 2021

Appcelerator CLI 9.0.0 RC is a release candidate for a major release that includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Appcelerator CLI will no longer be supported after March 2022.


Appcelerator CLI 9 removes support for Node.js versions older than 12.13.0.

Component versions

The following components are shipped with CLI 9.0.0:

Cloud CLI2.1.10
Titanium CLI5.3.0

New Features


  • CLI-1406 - Disable Daemon update check when running appcd commands
  • CLI-1401 - Support Node.js 14 and 15
  • ALOY-1744 - Allow TabGroup as a child of a NavigationWindow
  • ALOY-1741 - Remove iOS splash screens from Alloy template

Fixed issues

  • CLI-1409"Resource Not Found" error when building an app that is not registered with the platform
  • CLI-1408 - Daemon process is stopped when recompiling native modules for a Node.js version change
  • CLI-1405 - TypeError when running appc appcd
  • CLI-1404 - "This app is not provisioned for crash analytics." error when adding ACA to an application and performing a device or distribution build
  • ALOY-1743 - Runtime error when a Widget includes another Widget at the top level


Known issues


  • DAEMON-342 - No watchOS simulators shown in Studio

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