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Appcelerator CLI 7.0.3.RC - 20 April 2018

Appcelerator CLI 7.0.3.RC is a minor release that includes three improvements and several bug fixes.

As of this GA release, the previous CLI patch release is no longer supported. Note: major and minor releases continue to be supported according to their nominal lifetime. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimes documents for details.

Component versions

The following components are shipped with CLI 7.0.3:

API Builder3.0.0
Cloud CLI2.0.8
Titanium CLI5.1.0


  • ALOY-1602 - Avoid some global variables to be only available in parent controller
    • Implemented some global variables to be only available in parent controller
  • ALOY-1603 - Update Moment.js to version 2.21.0
    • Updated Moment.js from version 2.16.0 to version 2.20.1
  • ALOY-1609 - Add alloy.js plugin file to .gitignore
    • Added alloy.js file to .gitignore

Fixed issues

  • ALOY-1595 - alloy compile broken on node 9.3.0
  • ALOY-1599 - ALLOY: Model Data binding problem with the first upper case in the model src
  • ALOY-1606 - Android: Debugger not hitting breakpoints on Windows
  • ALOY-1607 - Latest underscore version is breaking removeListener method in BaseController.js
  • CLI-737 - Files are encrypted on first build when building with development deploy type
  • CLI-997 - "appc ti config -r <key>" does not remove the key but instead asks for login
  • CLI-1302 - Error After Add Jailbreak Related Properties
  • CLI-1304 - Android: Adding property encryption policy remote fails the build with java compile error
  • CLI-1305 - Error thrown when an uncaughtException is thrown by the CLI process
  • CLI-1308 - 'appc use' offline doesn't show installed versions
  • CLI-1309 - Include titanium@5.1.0 for CLI is unable to recognise JDK 9 fix
  • CLI-1310 - "appc login" no longer shows account lockout info after multiple failed logins
  • CLI-1311 - Android: Fix/update soasta make app touch testable to work with java 9/10
  • CLI-1312 - Can't start appc daemon with 7.0.3-master.36