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Samples in the alloy/test/apps/models/ folder demonstrates using models, collections, and data binding in Alloy. 

  • ButtonBar BindingDemonstrates how you can use data binding to populate the list of buttons in a ButtonBar or TabbedBar, or Toolbar component.
  • CoverFlow BindingDemonstrates data binding with a CoverFlowView control, which presents images in carousel-like view.
  • DashboardView BindingDemonstrates how to use data binding with a DashboardView, which provides an iOS Springboard-like view.
  • Data Binding FunctionsDemonstrates how to manually trigger a UI update between the data model and a view.
  • Destroying Data BindingsDemonstrates best practices for data binding memory management.
  • JournalDemonstrates how to create a simple personal journal application using models and collections.
  • ListView BindingDemonstrates using binding a data collection to a ListView and applying different list item templates to each list item using a data transformer.
  • Modeling a User Account and AuthenticationDemonstrates creating a user login and authentication flow using a data model.
  • Non-Persistent Model BindingsDemonstrates using a static, non-persistent data collection.
  • Properties Sync AdaptorDemonstrates using Alloy's Titanium.App.Properties sync adaptor to save data.
  • ScrollableView BindingDemonstrates binding a data collection to a ScrollableView component.
  • SQL ID AttributeThis example demonstrates how you can use a custom model identifier with the idAttribute field in the model definition file.
  • SQL KeywordsDemonstrates using SQLite keywords to assign data types to SQL columns in a model configuration file.
  • SQL PreloadDemonstrates how to preload a SQLite database for your Alloy appliccation using an external SQLite database file.
  • SQL QueriesDemonstrates how to use a SQL query with a database fetch operation.
  • TableView BindingDemonstrates binding a data collection to a TableView using global and local collection references.
  • Todo ListDemonstrates how to create a basic "Todos" application by binding a data collection to a TableView.

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