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If you add new properties to an existing Ruble object, you'll need to make a few related changes. Here, we discuss the addition of a new "Icon" property to the Project Template Element. This is a property that enables a user to set a path to an icon for a project template.

Update the element class

We update the model element to contain the new getter and setters. Note that we expect a string value and return a string value here. If the end object type is more complex, you may need to create separate methods to serialize and deserialize from a string value.

In com.aptana.scripting.model.ProjectTemplateElement:

Update the project_template.rb wrapper file

This is the wrapper the Ruby code interacts with. This is translated into the getIcon and setIcon calls above.

In plugins/com.aptana.scripting/framework/ruble/project.template.rb:

Update the Bundle View

The Bundle View shows the properties for the current selected element.

Update com.aptana.scripting.ui.views.ProjectTemplateNode to add an item to the existing enum for the new property: