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API Runtime Services 1.6.0.sp2 - 17 November 2017

This release of API Runtime Services (APIRS) includes version 2.0.7 of the CLI and 1.6.0.sp2 of the server, and includes several improvements and fixed issues.


  • Improved the host.ini configuration file and the findSwarmManager function in the swarm.util script to automate adding and managing new swarm manager nodes in a swarm.  
  • Upgraded to Docker 17.06 on all Ubuntu builds. Note: All UDP ports must be open for MongoDB access on Ubuntu.

Fixed issues

  • Resolved issue with the service health check not including a StartPeriod configuration parameter. Now, the service health check includes a configurable StartPeriod parameter. 
  • Corrected issue with publishing Docker images of applications. Now, a Docker image of an application can be published before publishing the application. 
  • Corrected a CVE security vulnerability in the file. Appcelerator Cloud Services no longer uses the file and it has been removed.