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The AMPLIFY Repository

The AMPLIFY Repository is where Axway issued artifacts or product extensions are available for you to download directly from the AMPLIFY Platform. Previously, the Axway Marketplace was where we had distributed Axway and 3rd party product extensions for a variety of Axway products and services. The AMPLIFY Repository provides you a simpler and more consistent way to access and download your content through the Platform.

You can access the repository directly using the URL or from the Download Center - Extensions link in the Platform's top navigation Help & Resources menu.

From the Download Center link, you can also click the Products link to go to the Support Portal downloads page.


Titanium artifacts are no longer available through the AMPLIFY Platform. If you need access to a Titanium artifact, or if you have questions about artifacts that you have purchased through the Axway Marketplace previously, please contact Axway at

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