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The AMPLIFY Platform Dashboard

The AMPLIFY Platform Dashboard includes a left navigation menu with tabs to:


The available tabs on the Dashboard may vary based on your role and your organization's subscriptions.

  • Apps - displays the list of applications for the selected organization.
  • Overview - displays key metric information.
  • Customer Queries - if configured, displays custom query summary information and enables the creation of custom analytics queries.
  • Premium Modules - navigate to the Download Premium Modules page.
  • Visibility - navigate to the AMPLIFY Visibility dashboards.

The left-side in the bottom navigation bar contains a link for enabling Demo Data mode. Click  Demo Data  to populate Dashboard with demonstration data to see how the Dashboard looks if you have several applications and APIs in production.

Apps tab

The Apps tab displays the list of applications for the selected organization. Select the Show only my apps checkbox to limit the displayed list of applications to only display your projects or applications. The list of apps can also be filtered by app type. You can also search the list of apps by app name, ID, or creator and select and pin apps from the list of apps.

To manage an application, select the application to manage from the list of applications.

If you haven't created any applications yet, you will be directed to the You don't have any apps yet! page. Don't worry. It's easy to get started creating apps using the AMPLIFY Platform. It should take you only a few minutes to create an app. Once you do, your Dashboard will have data here. To get started creating applications, click one of the following options:

  • Get the latest tools - You will be forwarded to the Get started with App Builder page where you can select to get started building apps with either Axway Appcelerator Studio or Appcelerator CLI.
  • Register App for Services - You will be forwarded to the Register App for Services page.
  • Create MBS Datasource - If you do not have a subscription, you will be forwarded to the Billing page where you can upgrade your plan to access locked items. Refer to Managing Billing. If you have a subscription, you will be forwarded to the Create Mobile Backend Services Datasource page.

Once you have apps created, you can add new apps from the apps list page. Click the Actions ( ... ) menu in the upper right, and then select Register App for Services or Create MBS Datasource.

App list filtering

The apps list can be filtered by:

  • All Apps
  • Titanium SDK Apps
  • APS SDK Apps
  • Runtime Services
  • Mobile Backend Services
  • APIs/Microservices
  • Website/Web Apps
  • Other

To filter the apps list by a selected app type:

  1. Select All Apps.
  2. Select an app type from the All Apps down-down menu.

The displayed apps list will be updated and will only display the apps matching the selected application type.

Apps list sorting

The Name, Type, and Created columns in the apps list can be sorted either in ascending and descending order. Note that pinned apps will always appear at the top of the apps list in the sorted order.

Apps list paging

The number of displayed applications per page can be selected using the per page drop-down menu.

The number of applications displayed per page can be set to:

  • 10 per page
  • 25 per page (default)
  • 50 per page
  • 100 per page

Select favorite apps

To pin an app or add an app as a favorite:

  1. Click the Actions (...) menu associated with the app to pin.
  2. Select pin

The app will be updated to indicate it is pinned and it will be displayed at the beginning of the apps list.

To unpin an app or remove an app as a favorite:

  1. Click the Actions (...) menu associated with the app to unpin.
  2. Select unpin.

The app will be unpinned and will display alphabetically in the apps list.

Delete apps

You must have the administrator role for the organization or team to see the Delete option and to delete apps.

To delete a single app:

  1. Click the Actions (...) menu associated with the app to delete.
  2. Select Delete.
  3. Enter the name of application or datasource to delete.
  4. To confirm the deletion, click I understand that this a permanent and irreversible action. Continue.

To delete multiple apps:

  1. Select the apps to delete by using multi-select methods for your Operating System.
  2. Click the Actions (...) menu located at the upper right of the apps list page.
  3. Enter your AMPLIFY Platform password.
  4. To confirm the deletion, click I understand that this a permanent and irreversible action. Continue.

Overview tab

The Overview tab displays key metric information. For additional information on the key metrics, refer to Viewing Metrics.

Custom Queries tab

The Custom Queries tab displays custom query summary information and enables the creation of custom analytics queries. For information on creating custom queries, refer to Creating Custom Queries.

Premium Modules tab

The Premium Modules tab takes you to the Download Premium Modules page. 

To download a premium module, click the module download button associated with your current Titanium SDK installation. The following premium modules are available for download:

  • Appcelerator Crash Analytics - Enables Appcelerator Crash Analytics. Appcelerator Crash Analytics allows you to identify and troubleshoot crashes in your mobile applications.
  • SQLite Database Encryption Module - Provides transparent, secure 256-bit AES encryption of SQLite database files.
  • Appcelerator Crypto Module - Provides access to the CCCrypt symmetric encryption interfaces such as AES128, DES, RC2, and RC4.
  • Appcelerator Geofence Module - Enables monitoring of regional boundaries and alerts when specified boundaries are entered.
  • Appcelerator HTTPS Module - Provides SSL Pinning support to prevent man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.
  • Appcelerator LDAP Module - Provides access to LDAP directory servers by utilizing the UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java, allowing for binding and searching against the service.
  • ti.cloudpush - Enables Mobile Backend Services Push Notifications for Android applications.

Visibility tab

The Visibility tab takes you to the AMPLIFY Visibility Dashboards. 

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