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Critical Information

Be advised that this is Beta software that is being made available to you. Beta software is software that is still undergoing customer testing and is not considered appropriate for general production use.

The Titanium SDK for Mobile Web is now included as part of the 1.8+ SDK releases; a separate download is no longer required. Note that Mobile Web is still in Beta; the API is not complete and there will be some bugs and gaps. Please submit Mobile Web bug reports via the Titanium Community project on jira. Make sure to check the list of open tickets before submitting a new ticket.

The Mobile Web SDK is a port of our Titanium SDK to the HTML5 specification. For our initial release, we are working on just supporting methods and objects that are in the HTML5 specification. This means, for example, that the accelerometer is not supported (as this is not in the HTML5 specification). We will be extending the platform over time, but our initial GA release will be focused on implementing this specification. Specific details on which models are supported in this release (and in the GA version) will be forthcoming. The focus of the testing was using iPhone Safari, desktop Safari and desktop Chrome.

Supported Development Environments

We support the OSX, Windows and Linux development environments for Titanium Mobile SDK for Mobile Web. We have tested extensively on OSX and Windows XP. We are very interested to hear about your experiences on Linux and Windows platforms. We do not actively support Windows Vista at this time.

Kitchen Sink

Our development teams are testing against the standard Titanium Mobile Kitchen Sink app. You can download it or import it via Titanium Studio to explore the features and functionality supported by Mobile Web.

Creating your own projects

In order to create a Titanium mobile project to run on the Mobile Web platform, go through the same steps you would for any other platform (iPhone/iPad, Android). Please take note that you'll need to remember to select the "Mobile Web" option for these projects.

Deploying a project

A Titanium Mobile Web app is designed to be run from a web server. You can successfully run it from a browser as a local file, but not everything will work correctly. You can package your app using the Deploy menu as shown, then specifying a local directory into which Studio will copy place your project's files. You'd then upload those files to a web server for general access.

Known Issues

Because of a known issue with the browser, the Mobile Web SDK will not work with the following: Firefox 3.x, Android 2.1 (and below) browsers or any other browser that does not properly support Object.defineProperty. You can learn more about this here: ECMA5 Compatibility Table.

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